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Who Are the Racists Now?

Remember the days when expressing disapproval of President Obama, or opposition to his policies, was characterized as something akin to racism?

Well, look who are the racists now: Left-liberals, including Ralph Nader, are planning primary challenges to President Obama, on the laughable grounds that -- wait for it! -- his tenure has not dragged the country sufficiently far to the left.

All this only serves to drive the President deeper into the hole in which he already finds himself.  He's so unpopular with independents that he almost HAS to lurch to the left, in order to keep his base together and have a hope of winning by goosing lefty turnout.  But as he does so, he makes himself ever more distasteful to the great mass of the country (and, not insignificantly, makes conditions even worse).

But should he reverse course and try to feint to the center, now he's got leftist critics on his tail.

This, of course, is the logical outcome of a 2008 campaign that was eager to allow Obama to seem to be all things to all people.  And the biggest problem now, it seems, is that he's nothing to anyone.

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