Just More Obama Administration Ineptitude

Posted: Aug 31, 2011 10:10 PM
Did the famously thin-skinned President think he could squelch news coverage of the Reagan Library Republican debate -- the first including Rick Perry -- by scheduling an address to Congress for the same date, September 7?  Probably.

But now the whole thing has blown up in his face, becoming yet another symbol of Obama's weakness and ineptitude, as he backs down again to John Boehner, and moves his speech to the 8th.

The whole idea of trying to counter-program the Republican debate was like some high school locker room stab at machismo.  And now, the President has succeeded only in (1) looking weak(er);  (2) coming across as petty; (3) highlighting his complicity in degrading the tone of American politics; and (4) elevating the stature of a debate of which many otherwise might have remained unaware.

Good going, White House.  And these are supposed to be the "smart people"?!