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Not First "Republican" -- First, Period

Michele Bachmann is the first woman to win the Iowa straw poll -- congratulations to her.

What's interesting is to see how a female Beltway journalist is covering the story:

A journalist named Beth Reinhard, whose piece is running in The Hotline and The Atlantic, characterizes Bachmann as the "first REPUBLICAN woman" to win the poll (emphasis added).  That's interesting wording, of course, because it implies that a Democratic woman has already won the poll in the past.  

But since the poll is sponsored by Iowa Republicans, and there isn't a Democratic counterpart, Bachmann is the first woman to win, period.

Sure, it seems like a trivial thing, but it's part of a pattern I've long noticed.  Liberals, particularly liberal females, sometimes seem as though they would rather die than concede in any way that a conservative or Republican woman can be a trailblazer -- in their book, the only female trailblazers allowed are lefties.   

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