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SBA Pledge: More Than Meets the Eye?

Helen discusses the SBA abortion pledge below.

When I read elsewhere that Governor Romney had declined to sign it, I was appalled. After all, when it comes to abortion, you're talking about people's lives.

However, the incomparable Jennifer Rubin has done some investigating, and it appears that not all candidates have been treated with equal fairness by SBA -- in short, at least some of those at SBA had been attempting to use the pledge as a way to target Governor Romney in particular.

Read all about it here at Right Turn.  Jennifer's reporting also includes a statement from Mitt Romney that is sufficient to satisfy me that he is not going to be a "squish" on abortion.

Republicans are entitled to come to whatever conclusions they please about our field of candidates and whom to support.  But in turn, each candidate deserves the courtesy of being treated with a modicum of fairness by those attempting to evaluate them.

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