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First, we learn that the federal deficit -- just for February -- was a whopping $223 billion, thereby exceeding the $161 billion deficit for the entire year of 2007 (and only $25 billion less than for the entire year of 2006)
.  Not surprisingly, this is America's largest monthly deficit ever.

So for all the extra money, you'd assume that Americans are really getting super-duper services, especially from regulatory watchdogs like the FDA (which will inevitably get new powers should ObamaCare be implemented).

Well, not so much.  As it turns out, a deadly virus was being spread by contaminated alcohol wipes -- luckily, the whistle was blown on the manufacturer by doctors at a children's hospital in Colorado.  But guess what?  The FDA knew of the problem as early as 2009, but just didn't believe that it caused an "imminent health hazard."

Try telling that to the parents of the children who almost died.

Your tax dollars at work, America . . . in record volume.

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