Thank God for Ronald Reagan

Posted: Feb 06, 2011 10:43 PM
On this, the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth, just about everything that can be said about this great man and President has already been said -- by just about everyone.

But before the day ends, it seemed right to mark the occasion just by saying "Thank you."  I'm grateful for the life and work of Ronald Reagan -- who righted America's economy, helped our country regain its rightful standing in the world, and beautifully articulated the feelings of the overwhelming majority of its citizens when he spoke of his love for, and pride in, his country. 

I was privileged to be able to grow up in the '80's -- a time of pride, prosperity and real progress for this country, thanks to the leadership of President Reagan.  God has blessed America with some great presidents throughout our history, and Ronald Reagan is one of them.

His legacy will live on.