WikiLeaks Nightmare

Posted: Nov 28, 2010 11:06 PM
With the disclosure of sensitive (and often embarrassing) diplomatic and national security information by WikiLeaks, we are about to see just how much good will our Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning president has accrued around the world.  

Of course, everyone will have his or her favorite tidbit emerge from the wreckage.  Note with particular interest the combination of bullying and bribing that makes it a little harder to believe Eric Holder's claim to have been "pleasantly surprised" by our allies' willingness to accept Guantanamo prisoners.

Setting aside the content of the massive and destructive leak -- and the truly alarming items like the hitherto unknown provision of North Korean missiles to Iran, meaning that they can now reach Europe -- what's disgraceful is that this wholesale disaster could be caused by one fairly low-level person who exploited a security loophole.

If this had happened on George W. Bush's watch, one can only imagine the righteous indignation from the press and the left, no?