The Williams/NPR Silver Lining

Posted: Oct 21, 2010 10:27 PM
NPR's decision to fire Juan Williams was nothing more than an unavoidably overt manifestation of the politically-correct, liberal bias that everyone knew it had.

But hey, there are plenty of silver linings here.

First, Williams himself has been offered more money and an expanded role at Fox News (where, Roger Ailes pointed out, Williams' "freedom of speech is protected . . . on a daily basis”).  I'd challenge anyone to point to any other media outlet who has treated a conservative with the same respect that Fox has shown the liberal Williams.

Second, Americans today have learned that radio supported by their tax dollars runs scared in the face of bullying by Hamas-linked CAIR (which drove the controversy).  Better keep that in mind and adjust accordingly when you read NPR "coverage" of Muslims in general or Islamic terrorism in particular.

Third, today's controversy has unearthed the information that NPR has been the beneficiary of $1.8 million donation by lefty George Soros (whose other foundations likewise collect taxpayer funds).  Again, adjust accordingly when evaluating its coverage, knowing that he who pays the piper calls the tune.

Fourth, the facts in 2 & 3 provide even more justification for firing the free-spending Democrat politicians that support all this junk.

Fifth, the facts in 2 & 3 provide ample reason for de-funding NPR itself.  Let it be politically correct on its own dime, not ours.

Sixth, the whole episode showcases, once again, the cowardice, hypocrisy and intolerance that's emblematic of the liberal elite's world view.  (No doubt they thought Williams was too "scared" to "think clearly.")

Last but not least, there's even a silver lining for NPR itself.  It's received more attention today than it has in years.  Too bad it's not for the quality of its journalism.

Correction: In originally typing this post, I typed that Soros had donated $1.8 billion (with a "b"), rather than million (with an "m").  I regret the typo.