Exactly WHAT Are They Talking About?

Posted: Sep 26, 2010 10:11 PM
The New York Post reports that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made time, when he was in the US last week, to meet with Louis Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers.

That's right -- Ahmadinejad met with the same Louis Farrakhan who leads the Nation of Islam (and believes President Obama is the Messiah) and the same New Black Panthers who threatened violent retaliation (according to spokesman Mikhail Muhammed) against the "pastor" who was threatening to burn the Koran, invoking the specter of war between Muslims and Christians.

Given that Lee Hamilton and Tom Kean -- former heads of the 9/11 commission committee -- recently issued a report saying that the US has done little to identify "home grown" terrorists, is there anyone else who wonders exactly WHAT Ahmadinejad, Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers were discussing?  And is there anyone who thinks the Obama administration is going to do anything meaningful to find out?