Cuomo: By, For and About the Elites

Posted: Sep 22, 2010 11:15 PM
Obviously reeling from a poll showing Carl Palladino trailing by only six points, Andrew Cuomo turned to NYC mayor Michael  Bloomberg (Nominal R-Nanny State) for an endorsement.

Only problem is that now Cuomo's been caught in a lie about whether he voted for Bloomberg in the past.

Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if the Bloomberg endorsement backfires on Cuomo.  It's not just that regular New Yorkers are insulted (and rightly so) at the mayor's decision to characterize opposition to a Ground Zero mosque as hopeless bigotry. 

It's that the whole RINO big-time-self-funded-mayor endorses liberal son-of-former-governor is so, well, yesterday.  It's emblematic of a political system where elites in both parties have, too often, worked hand-in-glove -- to the detriment of regular, "non-connected" voters and America itself.

Hey, New  Yorkers, like what the whole "connected" crew in New York has brought you?  By all means, vote for Andrew Cuomo.  He will bring you more of the same.  Oh, and he's received nanny-state mayor Mike Bloomberg's seal of approval.