Watch "Giuliani's 9/11"

Posted: Sep 10, 2010 11:43 AM
Last night, my husband and I watched "Giuliani's 9/11," a documentary on National  Geographic (information about replays, etc., here).

This documentary should be (figuratively) required viewing for every American, especially those for whom the memories of that devastating day are starting to fade. 

It would be interesting, as well, to be able to show it to Imam Rauf and then ask him whether he now understands why so many Americans oppose his callous and intolerant plan to locate a mosque at this sacred site. 

Incidentally, as repugnant as the pastor threatening to burn the Koran is, his openness to some level of discussion and compromise has highlighted the intransigence and rigidity of Imam Rauf, supposedly an avatar of interfaith tolerance and cross-cultural dialogue.  And the imam's stubborness suggests -- on top of everything else -- an agenda with the mosque that runs deeper than he has admitted.

Muslims are saying that the plan to move forward with the Bible burning "hurts the heart of the Muslim world."  What do they think a mosque on the 9/11 site does to Americans?