Worse Than Katrina

Posted: May 27, 2010 10:35 PM
If you take away nothing more from Karl Rove's column about the Obama administration's oil disaster, keep this in mind: During Katrina, the  Bush administration was legally required to defer to state and local authorities, which are first responders under the 1988 Stafford Law.  In contrast, Obama's oil disaster happened in federal water -- and the feds therefore were in sole charge, right from the beginning.

Even so, it took the President 12 days to get down to the site . . . and even now, as the disaster rages, he's been busy at a fundraiser, hobnobbing with the Duke basketball team, and taking a vacation.

When one looks at the federal government's hardly unpredictable incompetence (coupled with the administration's penchant for blame-shifting), it doesn't do much to reassure one about the outcome for all of us when the federal government is controlling health care, does it?

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