Resonating With the International Elite

Posted: May 20, 2010 4:55 PM
Below, Meredith has posted video of Democrats applauding the Mexican president's critique of Arizona's immigration law.

It's video that the GOP should be hanging onto.  It's not about whether Americans themselves support Arizona's law, as much as the seaminess of American politicians applauding a foreign leader as he stands in our Capitol denouncing one of our state's laws (and one which, significantly, no one has yet been able convincingly to argue is unconstitutional).

There are plenty of American laws that I disfavor.  But I wouldn't cheer any foreign leader who came in here and presumed to critique a state's (so far, apparently) lawful legislation.  It's about national loyalty, people.

And what the video highlights is the Democrats' apparent willingness to side with an international elite over their own countrymen in a domestic political conflict -- because they resonate more with that point of view than those of their fellow Americans.

Not pretty at all.