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What's Bill Clinton's Game?

As Jillian notes below, Bill Clinton has implied that any acts of violence in this country can be attributed to the Tea Party movement -- a very incendiary charge.

For a man who's supposed to be such a consummate political strategist -- and who has been remarkably adept over the years at assessing and responding to the public mood -- these insulting remarks seem to make no political sense.  Mostly, they serve only to increase the anger and intensity of people who are already prepared to crawl over broken glass to get to the polls to vote against Democrats.  They're certainly not helpful to President Obama or Democrats generally, especially given that a recent poll shows that more Americans agree with Tea Partiers' ideas than the President's.

So why would Clinton be out there talking this way?  Well, as I note in my Townhall column, it only makes sense if he's trying to precipitate such a cataclysmic political disaster for Democrats in 2010 that they need a new presidential candidate to "rescue" the party in 2012.

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