Are They Surprised?

Posted: Apr 18, 2010 10:08 PM
Politico's Mike Allen reports that Robert Gibbs met with members of The White House press corps to discuss some of their grievances.  Allen reports that President of the White House Correspondents' Association Edwin Chen

said he asked for the meeting “to clear the air because in my 10-plus years at the White House, rarely have I sensed such a level of anger, which is wide and deep, among members over White House practices and attitude toward the press.”

What's not clear to me is whether -- or why -- any member of The White House press would be surprised by the administration's behavior.  From its treatment of Republicans (remember "I won"?) to its treatment of America's allies (like Poland and Britain and France), the Obama White House's regard for others seems inversely proportional to their regard for it (or America generally).  The only people for whom Obama has honeyed words appear to be the Iranian leadership.

Given the administration's penchant for treating its friends with contempt and its adversaries with kid gloves (unless they're just domestic political opponents), one would hope the press would know enough to expect the worst treatment of all.  After all, no one has served as a greater ally or a stauncher friend to Obama than the MSM -- in both the primary and the general elections.

The treatment the press is getting may be regrettable -- but it should certainly be expected.  Heck, in the end, the Obama White House treats just about everyone with contempt.  Just ask Israel.