Kissing Off Israel

Posted: Apr 15, 2010 11:23 AM
In a display that should anger all Americans, President Obama has produced a "shift" in the US posture toward Israeli-Palestinian peace talks -- and it's so pronounced that even The New York Times reports on it today.

It's long been obvious that President Obama has a "problem" with Israel -- unlike our adversaries and Iran and elsewhere for whom he has endless patience and respect, he apparently feels free to treat Israel like some vassal state.

What's infuriating and troubling is Obama's apparent strategy of pushing our ally Israel aside in hopes of currying favor with those who are not our allies -- and his signals that he's willing to throw a valiant, free little country to the wolves, all  in order to impress people who hate both Israel and the US.  Just as he talks down American democracy in a bid to win over a Kazakh President whose country has a troubled history of human rights, he's stiff-arming Israel so, he thinks, to convince its adversaries that he's going to be "fair."

The problem?  They don't care if he's "fair."  They want the destruction of Israel, period -- and for them, Obama is just a helpful patsy rather than the masterful global strategic chess player the President fancies himself to be.

And ultimately, the President's strategy will do nothing but sacrifice the security of Israel (and by extension, that of the world) while winning him the contempt of adversaries who have no use for a "weak horse" like him.