Pro-Choicers Afraid of True Choice

Posted: Jan 27, 2010 3:10 PM
Tim Tebow is taking plenty of heat for his decision to participate in a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl.

As Meredith notes below, Sarah Palin has called out the so-called "women's groups" who are trying to bully CBS into withdrawing the ad.  Governor Palin rightly points out that there's nothing in the ad that's inherently demeaning to women. 

But as all of us know, for the "women's" (read: pro-abortion) group, that's not actually the point.  The women's groups couldn't care less about preventing or correcting behavior that's truly demeaning to women.  Many, in fact, enthusiastically buy into behavior that gives new meaning to the term "demeaning" (the "do-me" feminists spring to mind).

What's more, despite the euphemism they've chosen, the issue isn't really about "choice."  If it were, they'd never feel threatened by the fact that Tim Tebow's mother is willing to share the story of the "choice" she made -- to give birth to her son.

Rather, for those objecting to the Tebow ad, it's about enforcing a standard of political correctness that both comes perilously close to celebrating abortion as a positive good -- and hopes to intimidate those who simply want the opportunity to persuade people to exercise their "choice" in favor of life.

Kudos to the Tebows for their courage.