Thank You, Ms. Scozzafava

Posted: Oct 31, 2009 3:14 PM
The Republican nominee for the NY-23 seat, Dede Scozzafava, has suspended her campaign.

Like many conservatives, I was appalled by her positions on the issues, and annoyed with the party insiders in New York who nominated for a seat that -- as circumstances now reveal -- is ripe to be won by a far more conservative Republican.

But today, Ms. Scozzafava has earned the thanks of all those who oppose the far-left agenda being pursued by The White House and the Democrats on Capitol Hill.  In contrast to people like Chris Daggett in New Jersey -- who has called for reform even as his presence in the race makes it more likely that incumbent Governor Jon Corzine will win a second term -- Ms. Scozzafava had the grace to withdraw, and clear the field so that a Democrat didn't win by default.  For that, she deserves the appreciation of conservatives, from Doug Hoffman on.  (Update: And what's more, she has tried to be helpful to Hoffman in the aftermath of her withdrawal).

It has been heartening over the past week to see the Republicans offer to welcome Hoffman even before Scozzafava dropped out.  It is heartening to know that the establishment is listening to the message that regular Republicans are sending.  Let us hope this portends good things for a mature working relationship between the GOP and Tea Partiers as the elections of 2010 approach.

In the past, I have always had the nagging sense that moderate/establishment Republicans were always willing to insist that conservatives had to support them for the sake of party unity, without being willing to reciprocate.  Here is at least one example to the contrary.

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