Who Else Will Feel the Chill?

Posted: Aug 25, 2009 3:45 PM
Attorney General Holder's decision to investigate and possibly prosecute CIA agents who interrogated terrorists, denounced concisely by Investors Business Daily here (check out some outstanding commentary here at NRO's Corner from Seth Leibsohn), may have more blowback than the Obama administration realizes.

It's long been common knowledge that some CIA insiders -- who disagreed with Bush policies -- ran a damaging campaign against the Bush White House.  Now that the agency is under great threat from the Obama White House, will some of the same games -- leaks and the like -- start being played against the Obama people?

Sure, the people at the CIA who despised the Bush policies got their revenge.  But what they also got was a president who clearly distrusts the agency for which they work, and who has a staff that's ready to endanger national security in the future by prosecuting agents who believed their actions were well within the law at the time.

Some lefties -- for whom it's all about revenge -- are calling for the those who authorized the agents' actions to be prosecuted, as well.  That's an outrage, too, and guarantees that legal opinions or decisions to treat terrorists aggressively during wartime will be chilled -- a great boon to our enemies.

But there's some ugly consistency to the lefties' position.  If Obama, Holder and their crew believe it's legitimate to prosecute the people on the front lines of keeping us safe, then they should have the courage of their convictions sufficient to go after anyone who authorized the actions. 

That means up to the former President and Vice-president -- a scenatio that highlights just how offensive, damaging and crazy this whole prosecution notion is.
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