A Cynical Effort to Change the Subject?

Posted: Aug 24, 2009 3:18 PM
With the President's polls falling, health care "reform" in trouble, and increasing numbers of Americans becoming angrier and angrier about constant government intrusions into their lives, what could be better for the Obama administration than an opportunity to change the subject?

And better yet, an opportunity, once again, to try to blame Bush?  After all, this "after the fact" CIA investigation authorized by Eric Holder seems a lot like an effort to regain some traction with the far-lefties who are angry about the abandonment of the "public option."  It will achieve nothing but a guarantee that CIA interrogators in the future will handle terrorists with kid gloves, lest a new administration come along later and criticize -- perhaps even prosecute -- them.

In another slap at the agency, the administration is, in fact, setting up its own hand-picked and directed interrogation unit.   

Recall the left has wanted it both ways when it comes to the CIA.  As Sister Toljah cogently put it, for the far left, outing CIA agents (like Valerie Plame) is bad, but revealing CIA techniques that save lives is good. To add contradiction to inconsistency, note that once upon a time for the far left, even outing CIA agents was just fine.

Bottom line? It appears that the CIA has become little more than a left-wing political cat's paw, with agents to be prosecuted or protected as domestic politics warrant.  If CIA director Leon Panetta had an ounce of guts, he'd resign over the appalling lack of faith the administration has shown in him and the people in his agency.

As for Eric Holder's Justice Department, it's all politics, all the time.  And that's true to form for the Attorney General.
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