So Much for "Reset"

Posted: Jul 07, 2009 12:09 PM
We keep hearing all this malarkey about the Obama administration wanting to push a "reset" button on the US-Russia relationship -- obviously, just another way to trash his precedessor.  But note that, even as Obama was arriving in Russia, Vladimir Putin was praising the hospitality of George W. Bush and warmly recalling their meetings together.

Whatever the policy differences between the two countries, apparently the personal relationships were OK.  So is the Obama administration's much-touted "reset" pertaining to policy -- and if so, is that really to America's advantage?  Ralph Peters makes a pretty compelling case that it was not:

He agreed to trim our nuclear-warhead arsenal by one-third and -- even more dangerously -- to cut the systems that deliver the nuclear payloads. In fact, the Russians don't care much about our warhead numbers (which will be chopped to a figure "between 1,500 and 1,675"). What they really wanted -- and got -- was a US cave-in regarding limits on our nuclear-capable bombers, submarines and missiles that could leave us with as few as 500 such systems, if the Russians continue to get their way as the final details are negotiated.

It sounds alarmingly as though Obama pulled an anti-Reagan: Sacrificing America's long-term interests for a short-term PR victory.