FINALLY Fighting Back?

Posted: Jul 07, 2009 3:10 PM
Some small business owners are beginning to speak out about the fact that  the Democrat "cap and tax" bill is tantamount to a death warrant for their enterprises.  As its owner points out, McArthur's Bakery, a St. Louis institution, won't be able to survive the energy tax increases that the Democrats have in mind.  

If the President and his party really care about creating jobs instead of shedding them, perhaps this is the wrong time to be destroying small  business.  In the Presidents' own words:

Small businesses are the heart of the American economy.  They're responsible for half of all private sector jobs and they created roughly 70 percent of all new jobs in the past decade.

If he really believes that, perhaps he should think twice before supporting legislation that will drive many small businesses out of business.

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