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Obama Putting Politics Over Science

Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker has a report on how the Obama EPA has sought to quash a report that reveals how minimal human involvement in "global warming" is.

Obviously, it's harder to raise taxes and energy prices on Americans with cap-and-trade if people realize that it's all to try to solve a "problem" that humans haven't caused and can't really fix.

For all the lefties who routinely lick their chops over the hypocrisy of Republicans getting caught in sex scandals, here's a real example of hypocrisy.  Didn't the Obama administration high-mindedly announce its intention of no longer allowing politics to interfere with science?

At least that's how the President's friends in the media saw it -- the Washington Post announced that "Obama Aims to Shield Science from Politics" while CNN stated that "Obama moves to separate politics from science." 

Ah, the difference between embryonic stem cell research and global warming.  Apparently, ethical concerns aren't revelant to the former, and the truth is too "inconvenient" when it comes to the latter.

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