Obama/Terrorist Irony Alert

Posted: May 22, 2009 4:43 PM
As he did yesterday, President Obama has endlessly repeated the unprovable canard that Guantanamo has somehow "created" more terrorists. Ironically, it's more likely that his idea about installing terrorists in American prisons may be what really ends up creating more terrorists.

Three of the four aspiring terrorists who were arrested in New York this week -- David Williams, Onta Williams and James Cromitie -- "converted" to Islam in prison (the fourth is a paranoid schizophrenic).  All three of them had served time for drug dealing. 

If the President is serious about his hints about sending Guantanamo inmates to Colorado, it's worth asking how many other Williams and Cromities could be "converted." 

Unlike the president's claims, there's real reason to believe that exposing homegrown criminals to Islamofascist terrorists in American prisons could succeed in "creating" more terrorists than Guantanamo ever did -- and within our own borders, at that.

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