Manipulating the Media

Posted: Apr 20, 2009 12:30 PM
An LA Times story points out that the Obamas have launched an unprecedented image management campaign aimed at strategically maximizing the popularity of their entire family, including the girls.

Of course, they shouldn't be faulted for this.  They understand that if enhancing their likability helps them politically, it's a good thing to do.

But it's worth noting that such a strategy could never work for a Republican administration, because of the hostility of the MSM.

Among the undercovered "soft" stories of the new Obama administration: The fact that Michelle Obama is the first First Lady to employ a full-time makeup artist in her traveling entourage, and the fact that the Obamas are the first First Family to bring their own private chef to The White House since Lyndon Johnson brought the family cook of 21 years.

Look, they're entitled (they pay for it privately).  But if Nancy Reagan or one of the Bush First Ladies (or First Lady Cindy McCain) had hired full time traveling makeup artists and brought private chefs to The White House, I just tend to believe we would have heard more about it.  A lot more about it. 

That's because, in the MSM eyes, when Republicans do it, it's because they're part of the filthy "rich."  When the Obamas do it, it's charming -- or at least, for the most part, remains decently unmentioned.