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Happy Tax Day

Or not.  Of course, the overwhelming majority of Americans understand that some taxes are necessary -- and pay them without complaint.

What's outrageous is having an
administration that excoriates the private sector for waste and mismanagement, even as the president proposes to go on a spending spree that would make the worst corporate excesses look abstemious by comparison.   Results?  You hear little from the government about hard and fast ways to measure whether all the spending has actually worked (and no, "saving" jobs that have not been lost in the first place doesn't count).

But, you see, when the motive is to "help" people -- rather than to make profits -- it's all OK . . . at least, it seems, according to the administration.

The key difference between liberals and conservatives?  Conservatives believe that what we've earned through our own work is ours -- and we give it to the government to provide certain services.  Liberals believe that what you earn is basically the government's, to handle as it pleases -- and if you're lucky, beneficent politicians might "give" you a tax cut (i.e., let you have some of your own money back).

Just once, on tax day, would it hurt the President to say "thank you" to "the rich" -- who pay 70% of all federal taxes -- on behalf of the government they subsidize so generously?  While he's at it, he should be thanking every taxpayer.

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