A Disgrace to Womankind

Posted: Nov 23, 2008 3:22 PM
Here is the blog entry from the Code Pink blog describing the trip to Iran currently being enjoyed by Code Pink's co-founders, Medea Benjamin and Obama fundraiser Jodie Evans.  Apparently, they are there to conduct "citizen diplomacy" -- blissfully unaware that if they weren't serving as useful idiots for the Iranian regime, they'd probably be stoned to death for their overall personae and behavior.

Reflecting on the days’ events, I was struck by how much more open Iran is than I had thought. Yes, we have to wear headscarves and long coats, but that seems so unimportant --although I must say that I feel very claustrophobic covering my head all day. (During lunch at the restaurant, Rostam told me I could take the scarf off, but about 20 minutes later some men came to complain.)

If it's really "unimportant" that women are required by government decree to be covered, let's see how Benjamin and Medea react if the US enacts such a mandate, shall we?  And you've got to love this:

I have been comparing the atmosphere here to that of Iraq under Saddam Hussein and here it is very different. People in Iraq were afraid to speak out against Saddam, people in Iran aren’t.

And yet, CodePink outspokenly opposed the Iraq War, which removed the onerous restrictions she now invokes.  Go figure.  Finally:

While most wouldn’t want to be filmed venting against their government, they talk to us in an amazingly open fashion, barely looking over their shoulders to see if anyone is listening.

Isn't that just wonderful?  What a paradise.  It's revealing that they have so much scorn for America and so much praise for Iraq.

Unbelievable.  Words can't begin to express the contempt any American should feel for these morally obtuse useful idiots.