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So IS Barack the Messiah?

Over at Daily Kos, someone thinks so.

Anyone with theological  background is more prepared than I to explain why the writer is mistaken.  But hey, given all the Obamessiah-touting around, the impulse is an understandable one.

Once, unbidden, I had one of those weird moments at 4 in the  morning.  Look at Barack's progress -- from state senate to the cusp of the presidency in less than four years. -- and it's nothing short of remarkable.  In the primary, the big issue is the one that brought him to prominence -- Iraq -- as things aren't going well there.  Then, in the general (as things begin to improve in Iraq), the debate shifts to the economy, and a worldwide meltdown happens. All of it, of course, benefits Barack.  Again, remarkable.

Of course, if Barack had been sent here for heavenly purposes, it would be awful to be on the wrong side of something like that.  So, as I say, lying awake at 4 am, it once struck me: What if I'm the one who's mistaken about Barack

Then, of course, sanity reasserted itself.

First, of course, there's Barack's long-time relationship with Jeremiah Wright -- a man who hates America (which, despite its flaws, is nonetheless the greatest force for good the world has ever known).

Most of all, there's his opposition to a ban on partial birth abortion -- not to mention his unbelievable opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  Not so much the marks of a Messiah, methinks.

Yeah, the Kos people are dead wrong (no pun intended, and with apologies to the unborn) on this one.

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