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Barack Says He Plans to "Spread the Wealth Around"

That's what he said to a plumber in Ohio over the weekend.

Those who buy into the politics of envy and resentment will think it's just fine that the government starts taxing -- not simply to fund the functions that are necessary -- but to enforce Obama's vision of "equality."

More clear-headed people realize that when "the rich" (a group that includes a sizable proportion of small businesses) are paying more in taxes, that means that less capital is available to hire people, expand their business, donate to charity, or purchase goods and services (an activity that creates jobs and keeps the economy humming).

Barack has even said that he intends to press forward with his tax hike despite the likelihood of a recession.  What that shows -- as with his determination to raise capital gains taxes even if it results in less money for the treasury -- is that he sees taxation not as a way to make sure that legitimate government functions are funded and that those in need are cared for . . . and more as a vehicle for social engineering.

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