"Barack Obama's Friend Tried to Kill My Father"

Posted: Oct 08, 2008 10:04 PM
John Murtagh, the son of a New York state judge whose house was firebombed by the terrorist group headed by Bill Ayres , has spoken out against Barack Obama and his friend Ayres

Let's hope somebody takes a moment to make an ad featuring this guy.  Can you even imagine how the press would carry on (and rightly so) if John McCain had worked hand in glove with an abortion clinic bomber? 

The narrative about Barack and Ayres couldn't be clearer.  They are friends and political allies.  They apparently see the world the same way; as the CNN report on the Obama/Ayres relationship notes, Ayres tapped Barack to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and distribute the $50 million grant he obtained -- not for schools, mind you, but for radical groups which would then "partner" with schools, i.e., enter schools to prosyletize.  

Obama allies have attempted to suppress the release of documents about the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  Not surprising, given that they're the only documents about Barack that he's willing to admit still exist.  Somehow, all other records that would shed any light on his pre-U.S. Senate career have been declared either missing or destroyed. 

How convenient.