Obama Confirms Iraq Freelancing

Posted: Sep 17, 2008 12:03 PM
Amir Taheri follows up here on his story from Monday -- and notes that Barack Obama essentially confirms having tried to dissuade the Iraqis from entering troop withdrawal agreements with the United States before the election.

This is scandalous, of course, but shouldn't be much of a surprise, given that Barack essentially announced back in June that (in the words of the NY Times) he "opposed . . . a timetable" for a "long-term security accord" between Iraq and the United States -- and was talking to Iraq's Foreign Minister about it (HT: Villainous Company).

What's amazingly duplicitous is that, at the time, Barack acted like he was opposed to any security agreement because it might delaythe return of troops, when actually, he himself was trying to delay troop withdrawal for the political advantages I discussed here on Monday.