More On Barack's "Community Organizing"

Posted: Sep 17, 2008 4:53 PM
Investors Business Daily has done a little digging around in Barack's community organizing days, and notes the praise heaped on Barack by the son of radical socialist Saul Alinsky -- and the fact that Barack "worked for a subsidiary of the radical Gamaliel Foundation, a Chicago-based Alinsky group, and he was paid by the radical Woods Fund, which supports Gamaliel."

As for the Woods Fund, Jennifer Rubin recently reported that, as a board member, Barack helped channel money to radical group ACORN (incidentally, she also mentions that one of Yasser Arafat's former spokesmen is a friend of Barack's, who threw him a fundraiser during his unsuccessful run for Congress).

As for Gamaliel, given that Jack Cafferty and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius are accusing those not supporting Barack of racism, it's relevant to note the divisive racial language emanating from Gamaliel's faith and democracy platform:

Segregation and racism are one of the primary and driving forces inside American politics, culture and society. Racism fuels the current injustice and the current political reality we experience every day. Racism is masked and concealed inside a system of spatial segregation.

Revealing, no?  It would be interesting to learn what the MSM could find -- if it ever bothered to subject Barack to 1/100th the scrutiny that Sarah Palin has endured.   If, as Chris Cilizza speculates, part of Barack's problem is that voters aren't "connecting" with him, could that be because voters don't really feel like they know him?  And isn't that because there's been so little real reporting on his life and connections?