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If You Distrusted Quayle's Readiness, You Should Really Fear Obama

As some on the left try to raise Dan Quayle comparisons to the selection of Sarah Palin, let's point out that the more relevant comparison is to Barack Obama -- who suffers by comparison to Quayle.

As I noted back in 2004, unlike Obama:

Quayle actually had a record of substantial accomplishment as a senator. He served as chairman of the Defense Acquisition Subcommittee, investigating Defense Department procurement, and later worked with Sam Nunn and Robert Byrd on defense issues. Quayle was chosen by his Republican colleagues to chair a special committee in 1984 to study committee ratios and procedural matters in the Senate – a matter of vital importance to Republicans seeking to retain control. And working with Ted Kennedy, Quayle was instrumental in the creation and implementation of a program to place formerly disadvantaged and dislocated workers in jobs. According to an evaluation of the Jobs Training Partnership Act, over 70% of four million adults found real private-sector jobs after completing the training program.

Can anyone point out a similar record of achievement on Barack Obama's part?  In terms of politics, Dan Quayle wasn't an orator like Barack.  But unlike Obama, who was elected to the US Senate in an easy race against Alan Keyes -- who wasn't even from the state -- and who won his Ilinois state senate seat
by exploiting technicalities to force his opopnents off the ballot

Dan Quayle beat a liberal legend, Senator Birch Bayh (father of current Indiana Senator Evan Bayh) – who had authored the 25th amendment on presidential succession, the 26th amendment offering 18-year-olds the right to vote, and the Equal Rights Amendment. And Quayle won with 54% of the vote. . . .   [He] went on to be reelected with a whopping 61% of the vote – the first senator in Indiana history to pass the 60% mark in a Senate election. And that was in 1986, when many other Republican members of the Senate class of 1980 went down to defeat.

By any measure, Dan Quayle was more prepared to be President than Barack Obama is.

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