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Feminists, Bring It On!

Matt notes below Rush's prediction that the feminist left will be out in force to denounce Sarah Palin.

Of course, Rush is right (as usual).

But to any liberal woman who wants to criticize Governor Palin,
bring it on.  There is a whole generation of women like me -- who have been educated to be professionals and worked outside the home, but who subscribe to traditional values and conservative economics.  For years, the feminist left have treated women like us as though we don't exist, or worse yet, like we're somehow 'sellouts' to our gender because we have different priorities and have made different decisions than they have.

Enough.  Sarah Palin makes it clear that accomplished, forward-thinking women are found on all parts of the political spectrum.  Every time "feminists" criticize her and try to minimize her substantial talents and accomplishments, they once more make it clear that their agenda has nothing to do with the advancement of women -- and everything to do with a big, government-knows-best, America-resenting, man-suspecting, pro-abortion agenda that is foreign to most normal women in this country.

If any feminists want to take on Palin, let me know.  I'll debate 'em anywhere, any time about the merits of female leaders like Alaska's governor -- especially compared to the female "leadership" on the left that we've all  been told over the years that we should, as women, be following.

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