In the End, It's All About Bill . . .

Posted: Aug 28, 2008 1:47 AM
President Clinton apparently concurs with the opinion that Hillary's endorsement of Barack wasn't enough -- and so he tag teamed her and threw in at least a slightly more personal endorsement of his would-be successor.

But the length of the speech, the fact it didn't stick to its designated subject, and its self-referential quality were all vintage Bill Clinton.  If Hillary's speech was intended to make delegates regret not having chosen her as their nominee, Bill Clinton's was designed to show them that Barack Obama can never measure up to him -- and that Barack's only hope of success is emulating his own glorious reign of the '90's (minus the interns, presumably).

He needn't worry.  Americans should have every confidence that Barack can kick the foreign policy can down the road with the same insouciance that Clinton displayed.