In Fairness to Quayle . . .

Posted: Aug 22, 2008 4:18 PM
As Matt notes below, it wouldn't take much for Tim Kaine to morph into the next Dan Quayle -- or, to set the record straight, Dan Quayle as he was unfairly portrayed by a hostile media in 1988.

The only difference?  The perception  that Kaine has few political or policy accomplishments to his credit would actually be true.  In fairness to Dan Quayle, he had both.   

Politically, he managed to beat one of the liberal lions of the Senate -- Birch Bayh (Evan Bayh's dad) -- at the tender age of 33.  Once there, he made some serious contributions in the Senate, including work on the Jobs Training Partnership Act, the INF, and leadership of a Senate reform committee.

Tim Kaine's big political accomplishment was succeeding a popular governor of the same party, Mark Warner.  As for policy accomplishments . . . . hm.