Bayh-Bayh Obama?

Posted: Aug 22, 2008 7:23 PM
If the sticker referenced in Amanda's post below is accurate, there are some in the netroots who aren't going to be terribly happy.

For example, Jane Hampsher of Firedoglake opposed a Bayh pick, calling him "Change You Can't Believe In," noting:

Bayh not only supported the war, he was an honorary co-chairman (with Lieberman and McCain) of the Committee to Liberate Iraq, a group whose non-Senatorial members included Bill Kristol and James Woolsey.

Given that Barack has called this the "single most important decision" that a President or member of Congress makes -- and that Bayh got it wrong, from his perspective -- what does it say about his judgment that he nonetheless trusts Evan Bayh to become President should (God forbid) circumstances require it?  Can you even imagine John McCain choosing a running mate who opposed the Iraq war?

More netroots unhappiness at Talking Points Memo and Open Left, with the latter charitably describing Bayh as "a gay baiting anti-choice neoconservative." 

Would a Bayh pick mean that Barack is throwing his earliest supporters in the lefty netroots under the bus with his grandma?

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