Lowered Expectations

Posted: Jul 11, 2008 12:01 PM
After talking about the possibility of raising $100 million in June, Jack Tapper reports that it looks like the Obama campaign will come in closer to $30 million.  John McCain raised $22 million.

However, the RNC has nearly $69 million on hand, compared with the DNC's $4 million (good job, Howard Dean).

Given that the Obama campaign performed significantly below fundraising expectations, it's worth asking why.  Is it just a blip, with a big July to come?  Have Obama's previous (lefty) donors become slightly disenchanted with his flip flops and politics-as-usual maneuvers?  Are the Hillary supporters Obama was counting on simply refusing to open their wallets (it might help if denizens of the left stopped telling them to "not go off in a snit" and the candidate himself refrained from advising them to "get over it")?