The President From ACORN?

Posted: Jul 07, 2008 12:20 PM
One aspect of Barack's campaign that's been under-scrutinized and underreported upon are his ties to ACORN -- a group which, as Stanley Kurtz points out in his must-read piece, is every bit as radical as or Code Pink (it simply draws less attention from the national media because it operates in urban areas rather than out of Washington).   Among other distinctions, the group has been involved in voter fraud both in Washington state and my hometown of St. Louis.

With all his position shifting in recent days, Barack is trying to remain a human rorschach test -- offering enough views on each side so that people are able to continue seeing what they want to see when they look at him. 

It's noteworthy, of course, that the apostle of a "new kind of politics" is plenty able to play the typical politician flip-flop when he wants to.  But what's equally newsworthy -- given how little we've heard about it -- is who the "real Barack" is, once the rhetoric and the obfuscation are stripped away.

How does one evaluate a man who seems willing to speak on every side of most issues?  By looking at his actions and associates.  ACORN is an important piece of that puzzle -- and one the American people deserve to know about.

If the press continues to decline to report on this topic, it's skirting the edge of journalistic malpractice.