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Getting the Whole Story

American MSM headlines proclaim heartening news for Barack, like "Polls: Obama leads by 100" (in today's Baltimore Sun blog), "Obama: Strength Out of Weakness"
 (column in The Washington Post) and "McCain struggles to regain his footing" (from the AP).

But look a little deeper.  It takes the Economic Times of India to report on the fact that "aggressive progressives" at are threatening to withhold money from the Obama campaign.  It takes Newsbusters to report that leftists like Tom Hayden are voicing deep concern for the Obama campaign in light of Barack's new equivocations about leaving Iraq.

This tells you two things.  One, that now more than even, the MSM may not be the best place to go to get the full story about what's really happening in the campaign (like that's a news flash . . .).  Second, it helps explain how liberals are so bitter and surprised when they lose elections.  Republicans are always getting bad news in the MSM (see McCain story above, for example).  But Democrats who restrict their reading to the MSM almost always see a sunnier picture -- and then, lo and behold, Election Day turns out to be a major disappointment.

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