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Vote for Barack, Or You're a Racist

At least that's what Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius -- apparently auditioning for the VP slot -- is insisting.

"'He's not qualified, he's somebody who should scare you. He's too liberal.' "


Sebelius, a two-term Democrat who is often mentioned as a possible running mate for Obama, said those were all "code words" to try to make voters uncomfortable.

"I don't think anybody's going to go directly at the race issue, but that's going to be an underlying theme," she said in an interview this week.

So any valid criticism of Barack for being inexperienced, unqualified and far left are "code words"?  "Code" for what?  The "underlying theme" of "the race issue"?

Tell me this.  If a young white guy -- who had worked only as a "community organizer," briefly as an associate at a law firm and as an Illinois state Senator -- was running to become Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world, would it be illegitimate to point out that he's (ahem!) a bit lacking in the resume department?  Would it be all about race?  Of course not.

Since when is it outrageous to point out a candidate's qualifications (or lack thereof), and criticize his (far left) ideology? 

Since when did making voters "uncomfortable" with supporting a candidate of the other party become off-limits? 

And if Barack wins, will we all have to agree with everything he says and does, lest we be accused of using "code words"?

Does this mean the Dems are pledging not to try to make Americans "uncomfortable" about McCain's age?

Note to Governor Sebelius:  When someone has brought up Barack's race, that's when the "race issue" has been brought into play.  Not before.  So stop all this effort to inflame racial sensitivities with twiddle-twaddle about "code words" and please, go back to work.


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