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Pelosi Undoing Reforms?

If one bothers to read to the end of this piece about Nancy Pelosi's re-emergent status, in the wake of Hillary's fall, as the most powerful woman in politics, there's a pretty interesting little nugget.

Following the 2006 elections, Democratic committee chairmen were shocked to realize that they had passed a set of rules that set term limits on committee chairmanships. . . .

[Oversight and Government Reform panel Chairman Henry] Waxman [(D-Calif.)]  said he is confident the rule will be changed when Democrats re-do their rules package next year.

“Speaker Pelosi has said she would support eliminating them in the next term. It’ll come up,” Waxman said.

So is it true that Nancy Pelosi is promising to undo one of the reforms Republicans implemented with the Contract of America when they took power in 1994?  After all, she used term limits as a justification for organizing committees as she wished in 2006.

Do the Democrats feel confident enough of victory for the long term that they're already getting arrogant?  Is the next step re-instituting special "check cashing" privileges at the House Bank?

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