The Wish Is Father to the Thought

Posted: Jun 05, 2008 7:34 PM
Thank you for being so explicit.  Time's Mark Halperin has pretty much opened the window into the soul of the MSM.  His piece makes no bones about why the press thinks that Barack Obama's election is everything but a foregone conclusion.

Of course, on this topic, the MSM's wish is father to the thought.  Halperin conveniently chooses not to address the fact that about half of Democrat primary voters didn't choose Obama; that he's having trouble in key constituencies including women, Latinos and blue-collar workers; and that deep divisions remain within his party.

And Halperin may be underestimating just how little appetite America has for putting a nice young radical into office, when he's made it abundantly clear that there are serious questions about his experience and judgment when it comes to leading the fight against Islamofascist terrorism.

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