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Maybe Hillary NEEDS To Be VP

This piece outlines some of the challenges Barack will have to overcome in order to be successful in November. 

Some of the challenges are in part attributable to the long, close and contentious primary race against Hillary Clinton.  But one thing is clear: Especially after her speech last night, if Barack loses, Hillary will be blamed for it (fairly, or not).  And it's far from clear to me that Barack's core constituencies would
ever forgive her -- much less support her in a second run four years out.

So she may have decided that her best hope is to land a place on his ticket, so that she can make a show of campaigning her little heart out for the nominee (whose prospects she has damaged), thereby finding her way back into all Democrats' good graces -- even as it assures her once again of being the presumptive favorite for the next election that doesn't have Barack at the top of the ticket.

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