All the Wrong Friends

Posted: May 29, 2008 4:07 PM
The linked Fox News piece points out that Barack Obama has been finding love in all the wrong places.  His candidacy has elicited honeyed words from a real Hall of Shame.

Most recently, Fidel Castro has lauded Barack as a “progressive,” and admires his “great intelligence” and “debating skills” and “work ethic.”  

Hamas adviser Ahmed Yousef cherishes the hope that "he [Obama] will win the elections," presumably because he thinks that "Mr. Obama and the Democrats will change the political discourse.”

Hugo Chavez is rooting against John McCain.

Louis Farrakhan has also had nice things to say about Barack.

Obviously, simply because these people are rooting for him doesn't mean that Obama is rooting for them.  But isn't there something revealing when all America's enemies (or at least those willing to go on the record) are unanimously in favor of one of the candidates?  Doesn't it signal, perhaps, that they believe it will be easier to attain their objectives with that candidate sitting in the Oval Office -- and since those agendas are inimical to ours, shouldn't that be making voters a little uneasy?