A Chill Down Their Spines

Posted: May 15, 2008 12:25 PM
If I were part of the Obama team, Wolf Blitzer's interview with Hillary Clinton (video here) would send chills down my spine:

After my big win last night in West Virginia, the delegate difference is extremely narrow.  People have gone to conventions and fought out nominations with far fewer delegates.  We have a close, close race here, and it is a matter of inches, and we're going to keep going until someone gets 2,210 delegates.  That's the way our system works. (emphasis added).

One of two things is happening here. 

One is that Hillary Clinton may be the dreaded "rabid dog" opponent.  She must know that this is her best shot -- at this point, if Barack loses in the fall, many Democrats will blame it on her and refuse to vote for her in 2012; if he wins, she's got to wait 8 years to run again, and by then, she's old news (also a problem even in four years).  So she may not mind burning down the Democratic village in order to "save" it, as she sees it (put it this way -- it's not Obama who's the messianic figure, at least in Hillary's mind).

The other possibility is that she wants something big -- whether it's a Supreme Court seat, to be attorney general, or who knows what (what's big enough to salve her wounded ego when she was the "inevitable" next president just four short months ago?).  And to get it, she's willing to threaten the Democrats with a contested convention.  Of course, Justice Hillary or AG Hillary is the stuff of conservative nightmares (then again, let's just hope that trial lawyer pin up boy John Edwards didn't mention his interest in the AG slot before endorsing Barack Obama yesterday).

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