It's Getting Better All the Time!

Posted: Apr 17, 2008 4:04 PM
Really, I thought it couldn't get any better than pulling up a chair and popping up the corn to enjoy the Democrat internecine warfare between Clinton and Obama partisans, in the netroots and elsewhere.

But it did.  Now, the left is in full hue and cry, denouncing Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos -- members in good standing of the MSM -- for the questions they asked at last night's debate.

Who would have thought that Gibson and Stephanopoulos would serve as the unwitting mouthpieces of the unsophisticated, "small town"-type folk like me -- who actually care about what our prospective presidents think about the people they hope to lead and about the religious leaders they follow, on the one hand, or about their ability to give an honest accounting of their lives and experiences, on the other?  Who knew that representatives of the MSM might finally catch on that, for the "bitter" people in America, these issues are more than just "distractions," and that character counts?

I already knew that both the candidates in last night's debate want to tax me silly, put our health care system under more government control (hey, it's worked well for the post office, no?) and kneel in abject surrender to the terrorists.  We've had more than twenty other debates to fill us in on the policy details. 

What I'm still learning about is how Barack Obama handles tough questions under pressure (and hey, if he can't handle some tough talk from Gibson & Stephanopoulos, he sure has no business visiting with Ahmadinejad!).  Until last night, likewise, I wouldn't have believed that Hillary Clinton would ever admit to "[saying] some things that weren't in keeping with what I knew to be the case" (in other words, openly lying).  These guys made some news and gave us the opportunity to learn something new about them.  Wow.

What the forces of political correctness in general and Obama partisans in particular don't get is that you don't make questions go away by preventing people from asking them.  If I were Barack Obama -- and normal, regular voters had questions about whether I loved the American flag -- I would darn well want to get those asked and answered, convincingly, by me.  I certainly wouldn't be pouting about them, or permitting my representatives to do so, either.  Talk about propagating an image of weakness . . .

Please.  Anyone who can't handle the questions being served up by America's MSM has no business anywhere near the Oval Office.