Posted: Mar 17, 2008 10:36 PM
Enough, enough, ENOUGH!  Matt may be right, and New York's new governor  may be, on the whole, a good guy (if a liberal one).

But I could have lived to be 100 (make that 200) without having been treated to the personal details of the first couple's sex life thoughtfully laid out in the New York Daily News.  I don't need to know whether both husband and wife slept with other people, or for how long -- and I certainly don't need to know that they went to the West Side Days Inn to rekindle their sex life, in part because it was easily accessible to the now-governor's  Harlem office.  Figuratively, I'm holding my hands over my ears and chanting "la la la la."  No more, please.

Both Governor and Mrs. Paterson are clear on the fact that they have worked out the issues in their marriage, and the affair(s) reportedly ended in 2001.  In contrast to then-Governor Clinton in 1992, there's no evidence that the behavior has continued.  So, frankly, I'm really not interested -- and more than anything, it's very unfortunate if these issues are publicized and discussed until extramarital affairs and sex in the public square begins to seem normal, almost expected.

Discretion is the better part of valor -- and, as Bill Clinton should have known when discussing the boxers/brief question, discretion's also part of trying to maintain some shred of dignity as a public official. 

When extramarital sex has truly been in the past for a period of years and implicates no aspect of one's public life,  please, please just let it go.  And, by the way, never -- ever -- discuss the details of your marital sex life in public.  We just don't want to know.

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