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A Bit of Obamanian Arrogance

It's hard to predict the outcome of tomorrow's races in Texas and Ohio, but Republicans who are worried about the nimbleness of the Obama political team might be reassured by this --
the Obama camp's insistence on taunting Hillary Clinton, in the obvious hope of pressuring her to leave the race.

The maneuver's aggression and lack of subtlety smacks of arrogance and bully-boy tactics.  John McCain has actually handled Mike Huckabee pretty well, conceding his right to remain in the race and handling him with grace and good humor.  Certainly, the Obama team has more to fear from Hillary than McCain does from Huckabee, but it's remarkable to see what's supposed to be such a polished and "post-partisan" operation take out after an opponent with such vigor.

Rubbing Clinton's nose in her assorted failures isn't likely to secure Barack the desired result.  It's the kind of tactic that women, in particular, dislike and could, in fact, end up creating the kind of pro-Clinton backlash that could give Hillary a rationale for fighting on.

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