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Witness: "Hardest Part" of Testifying at Illegal Alien Hearing Was Watching Congress "Asleep"

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing that gave a voice to the family members of victims who were murdered by illegal aliens. But did members of Congress take the concerns of those who testified to heart? Sabine Durden, whose child was killed by an illegal immigrant, doesn't think so given that some senators actually fell asleep, or ignored the testimonies altogether. 


“The hardest part for me was to watch some of the Congress members falling asleep and some of them were doing whatever they did on their phones,” she said. “There were a few that paid attention, because people were pouring their hearts out, and our lives have been shattered. They sit there and participate in it and don’t even have enough decency to just sit there and look at us.”

Among the participants at the hearing was Jim Steinle, whose daughter Kate was killed by an illegal immigrant. He blasted the “legal loopholes” that allowed his daughter's killer to stay in the country, despite his seven felonies and five deportations.

”It’s unbelievable to see so many innocent Americans that have been killed by undocumented immigrant felons in recent years,” Steinle said.

Laura Wilkerson, another tearful mother, begged Congress to secure the borders and deport those who have snuck in.


"I don’t want your sympathy, I want you to do something,” demanded Wilkerson.

In an effort to reform the border and deport illegal immigrants, family members certainly displayed their passion and expressed hope for immigration reform. And while some may felt they weren't heard in a respectful manner, their words are difficult to forget.

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